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Mostrando las entradas de agosto, 2017

The Fall of the Bodies (1983), 2

by Jorge Aulicino Translation: Silvia Camerotto Part I  In the Artificial Lagoon /En la laguna artificial                             To Polo When coming back from fishing among the dark leaves you heard the bells. What you called state, until yesterday is now a stone between the eyes. Standing beside the puddle you now see the slow decanting of the iron. The evening seems light to him; one and another shall come. Some kind of anguish: coins in the pockets are also light. Coming back from the artificial lagoon with its load of eels you can now see things that happen: the sun on the west the flattened grass, flies and pieces of glass on the sand. Some words will never make sense. Do not expect the weather to be compassionate: you are what you see. The dry wind will blow tonight too. You Are Poetry /Poesía eres tú no woman will shiver about your poems you will write with salt with glass in the chemical foam of this cursed land and no woman will go crazy