The Void (2003)

by Jorge Aulicino
Translation: Silvia Camerotto

1.       O Spirits of the Fallen Angels!

While the rain hit the bunkers, Marisa,
I did not think about you or the kids. In fact,
I was not thinking if the lightning of that omnipresent enemy
would reach me that night or the following night or when.
I was not thinking about you nor about me, even though you might think
it was selfish to dwadle away time fascinated
by this phenomenon: the lightning, when they pierced the sky
or fell on a nearby building and crushed it into ashes,
iluminating the scenery with a boosting activity,
like the onethat  is seldom found at the bottom
of a thought; like the clarity of thought
when it holds the naked and blinking thruth.

2.       Diary

There is no chance that I become a war veteran.
I will not go around the park with two dogs and my cloak:
“There he comes, the wounded one, his head a pumpkin
where the loud whistles of the Gamma rays sound.
He now has an antique house on the cliff,
he likes old wood and pipes that echo”.
The walk in the park ends in the bar, he has
a grappa and reads the National Geographic,
the dogs lie under the table.

None of that. There is no comeback from the struggle.
No sheeny bronze death is waiting for us,
the mausoleum or the sweet old age that reenchants the world.
The eyes put down roots and the mechanical breath does not fail.

3.       Legend

In the afternoon, they lie with their backs on the ground
sewed by titanium seams
and look at the yellow or violet sky
where pelicans or flamingos fly.
The ponds are full of heavy fluids;
beyond, the sheets of the vivarium get rusty,
fallen one over the other
like a messy pack of cards.
The power stone possibly is in the head
of one of them, but they have spent their whole lives ignoring it.
At night, AZ14 dreams that the angel comes down
and tells him: “The guardian sleeps close
and wakes up with a swollen belly;
your can hear his farts in the meadow when he defecates,
but it would be useless if you told him; this is the plan.
An intrecate net put them in touch with divinity.
They were gods, and when the War of the Book arrives
they think about life in the next second
and interrogate the cavity of the sky”.

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